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Aberle Stahlguss GmbH
In der Hausmatte 6
D-78132 Hornberg

Tel. +49 (0) 7833 93 92-0
Fax +49 (0) 7833 93 92-15


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The leading metal cutting service provider in southwest germany


Aberle Stahlguss GmbH produces cut parts of metals, NE-metals and plastic. Our cut parts are used in various ways. For example in metal-forging processes or for precision turned parts used in the automobile industry for components of airbags, kingbolts, and gearwheels.
We are the leading metal cutting service provider in southwest Germany with a ISO 9001 certificate and easily accessible.


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With modern high-performance metal cutting machines, flexibility and yearlong know-how our team is very involved in an accurate and customized order handling.
That’s what you expect from a reliable partner.


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